The primary reason reason why most people dont join or are not successful in MLM companies is due to the lack of sales skills.

Fortunately, at the Universal Love Order, we have changed that dynamic by demonstrating to people that the simple act of posting a comedic video, sharing employment announcements or retweeting the latest news from CNN is in fact SELLING. You are selling your supporters. You are endorsing content, opportunities or offers you support.

In other words, if you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or any other social media network, you are by default a part of a network marketing system. The only issue is the fact that you dont get paid by the social network, content publishers, nor marketers to endorse their cause. With that given out of the way, at ULO we teach individuals how they can transform their social media influence, and that of their friends into advertising, e-commerce, software licensing and consulting revenues.


No company in the history of business opportunity consulting does as much to promote affiliates and help them to succeed as the Universal Love Order. For this reason and many more, you dont have to be a superstar closer to succeed as a ULO affiliate. In fact, if you make the effort to share knowledge, or general information that helps others to enhance their health, lifestyle or finances we will support you with marketing.

For example, we help affiliates to:

    • Build their downline;
    • Recruit social ambassadors;
    • Generate sales leads;
    • Generate media publicity (see confirmed media listings below):
      • Online media listings;
      • Social media mentions.

In addition, we identify consumer products sold by ULO or PMN Rewards that will sell well, draft news releases, embed your affiliate ID, and share news releases/special offers with mobile phone app users and thousands of content distribution partners. Consumers that respond to offers will automatically be assigned to your affiliate ID, FOREVER.

As a ULO bronze affiliate or above we guarantee media listings on 500 - 1,000 reputable websites within 72 hours of your news release(s) publication. News releases distributed will be embedded with your ULO affiliate ID. We also guarantee a minimum of 25 - 150 customer enquiries, social ambassador registration and, or individuals sign-up to your downline (as a result of our annual online marketing activities). 

Click the logos below to see an actual news release published for ULO March 4, 2014.

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Newspapers & Major News Sites:

ULO is now powered by PMN Rewards; therefore, within 72 hours of publication news releases promoting your custom affiliate domain name (ie will begin appearing on the following websites:

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